Design Dexterity

The details draw you in. Stone and metal knobs. Cedar-lined drawers. Nature and modern in perfect harmony. In a sea of sameness, Home Insights stands apart with refreshingly distinctive design that fits you, your space and your style. We take time to incorporate the extra accents and handwork because we know you and your guests will take time to appreciate it.

How great a piece looks and feels is just the beginning. Get to know its origin — who crafted it, where, how and why.

Ingenuity doesn’t just happen.
You’ve got to invest in it.

The right people

We’ve crafted our team with the same care that we craft our furniture. The most successful furniture designers in the industry join with highly trained craftspeople who possess an invaluable skill — the ability to balance artisanal quality with the ever-evolving capabilities made possible by new techniques and technologies. We give our team the creative freedom to dream big and the resources to act on inspiration. Then we trust them to work their magic and uphold our commitment to our vision and to you. Their work excites us every day. That’s how we know we’ve got the best people you can find.

The best technology

A state-of-the-art design and manufacturing environment gives us all kinds of possibilities for creativity in our craftsmanship. We can accomplish almost anything in-house — intricate carving, slicing and polishing stone — because we’ve brought those technologies and many more directly to the hands that craft each piece of Home Insights furniture. Every time we evolve our factory, our craftspeople gain new skills. Those skills lead to all kinds of intriguing possibilities for product development, and we love to intrigue you.

The perfect mix

From one corner to the next, the world is dressed in all varieties of beautiful details and design influences. We’re always on the hunt for interesting sources of materials and inspiration, and we forge close relationships with trusted suppliers who know and respect our standard. European functional hardware. Hardwoods from North America. Exotic veneers from South America, Asia and right down the road in the mountains of North Carolina. Slate, marble and metals. Our searching and careful sourcing pays off in the form of eye-catching aesthetic elements that tell a story and showcase the beauty of difference when harmony is the goal.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames