Crafted with

A sense of creative vision and adventure. Maybe mother-of-pearl accents or a combination of wood, marble and metal. We’re always asking, how can we make a piece distinctive? What elements would excite today’s customers? Insight and ingenuity are just the beginning. How we craft each piece matters — with innovative manufacturing technologies and the promise to always lead with integrity for people, the process and the land.

We’re so glad you’ve found Home Insights, and that our furniture has found you. About Us

Furniture that reflects inspiring design, outstanding craftsmanship and our values.

Not just good furniture. Furniture for good.

The more extensive our manufacturing capabilities become, the bigger impact we can make for the better. We love what we do and we’re passionate about why: Furniture is a universal need throughout much of the world; it brings us together, provides comfort and sparks conversation. We approach our work with the highest level of integrity and innovation, and what better inspiration than our environment, our employees and you?

Value Story

Never a middle man. Always integrity.

We can speak to the integrity of every piece of furniture that leaves our factory because we control every step of manufacturing. We select the lumber, we know every mill and supplier, and we guide every hand. For the same reason, we continually bring new capabilities to our factory — from polishing granite to casting metal. The Home Insights name and your satisfaction mean too much to trust to anyone but our own team.

Quality Story

Creative freedom to dream big.

Our team includes the most successful furniture designers in the industry: creative professionals with an astute eye and more than 200 years of design experience among them. We’re always on the hunt for that aesthetic edge that excites you while staying relevant to your style. By giving our designers and craftspeople all kinds of possibilities to act on their creative vision, we give you all kinds of possibilities for great style.

Design Story

A work culture that makes us proud.

We encourage our craftspeople to be more than highly skilled furniture makers; we help them become masters of their trade who hone their skill sets and proudly pass them on to the newest members of the Home Insights family. It takes great people to make great furniture. We appreciate both.

People Story